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Learn More About The Causes And How To Get Rid Of Ringworms

It is a well-known fact that ringworms can be quite disturbing especially for first timers. In most cases, the infected usually finds it hard to tell what caused the infection and how to treat it. Luckily, ringworm causes and treatments are available. But! Before we dive into that, let’s first of all look at a few facts and how to get rid of ringworm

The Facts!

The ringworm does not mean that this infection has anything to do with worms. On the contrary, ringworms are usually fungal infections that can subsist on any part of the human body.

It is very infectious. Ringworms mostly get transmitted through skin to skin contact with an infected patient, but some cases involved infection through sharing objects like towels, hats, clothes, brushes, combs and so on. In some extreme cases, research showed that people could also contract ringworm infections from public places like public baths, swimming pools or surfaces that may have had direct contact with an infected person.

Ringworms often appear as pinkish or reddish or brownish bump with a lightly colored center and a scaly raised border on a person’s skin which makes it look like a ring. The ringworm bump is usually chronic, itchy and irritating.

how to get rid of ringworm

What causes Ringworms?

Ringworm causes can be as a result of coming into contact with an infected person, surface or apparel. But, the root of this fungal infection can be traced back to fungi called dermatophytes. These microorganisms live in animals, dead cells, soil, and the outer layers of the skin. Warm temperatures with adequate moisture usually speed up the growth of this fungal infection.

Another common cause of ringworms is the excessive use of antibiotics. That’s because too many antibiotics usually kill body-friendly bacteria that live in a person’s skin. Most of these bacteria are generally your skin’s natural defense against infectious fungi and other bacteria. This means that their absence will leave your skin vulnerable to fungal infections like ringworms.

With all that in mind, How Do We Treat Ringworms?

Early treatment of ringworms is highly recommended to contain it and prevent its spread. Once you detect this fungal infection, you should seek immediate medical attention. Luckily, there are natural and medical treatments available.

Research shows that natural and organic extracts from plants usually offer a more safe, stiff and secure treatment option as compared to pharmaceutical drugs. But, it is always advisable to get medical advice first before choosing a treatment method. Once you are fully aware of ringworm causes and how to treat them, this information will help you deal with your ringworm problems in no time.


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